Hello Kimberley.  I do a 2 day training usually, day 1 for brand new tutors and day 2 for semester- old tutors and new tutors combined.  The Level III tutors also train during this time and I’ve received really good feedback from the trainings.  I try to make them fun and interactive.  Below are some activities I do for the days.  Let me know if you want me to send you more info directly to you.

  *   We do a design a tutoring center logo with a group
  *   We have a review of policies and procedures game in teams and the winning team gets some fun (albeit cheesy) prizes
  *   I bring in fun, engaging guest speakers.  One did a rock, paper, scissors game.  The key here is knowing that the speakers are fun
  *   One speaker did a session on tutor wellness (balancing it all) and we did kind of a painting session.  They LOVED that

One of my tutors once asked me during a break in the large group training days, “How do you know how to do this?”  I was confused and asked what she meant and she said, “You know, create trainings where we have fun and do some team building.”  Lol.  I was flattered.

Let me know if you need anything else.  I am restricted on budgeting too, but try to pay the tutors for these trainings.

Rebecca Daly Cofer

Coordinator, Campus Tutoring Services
Academic Support
Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

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Subject: CRLA ITTPC Level II Training Calendars

Good Morning!

I am currently working on planning Level II training and I find myself stuck in a rut of one hour trainings.  Do any of you mix it up, have interesting multiple hour trainings or innovative new activities to excite returning tutors? Would anyone be willing to share their calendar and list of training titles?

Do you ever combine new and returning tutors for training and if so, how?  I am faced with a budget that accommodates 10 tutor training hours per tutor.  If I encourage tutors to come to training for both levels, I am suddenly over 10 hours per tutor, but I want the interaction.  Any suggestions?

Any an all information is appreciated.  We just received Level I certification and can not wait to reach Level II!

Kimberly Courtwright
University of Central Missouri
Tutoring Services Coordinator
Academic Enrichment
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