We attempted to implement Starfish last week  for our tutoring but ran into a glitch. The Starfish system will probably work well if you have a tutor appointment based model. We have a lab based model for our Math Lab and Writing Studio. When we tried to check students into the system, it was assigning each student to the same person who checked them in at the front desk. This created a problem because it was assigning multiple appointments to the front desk person and to start a meeting and end a meeting, you had to have different start times and end times for whoever checked them in otherwise it shows up as a conflict in the system. Plus, it would not accurately reflect the time they spend in the lab. This does not work for us, so we had to go back to our old tracking system.


We plan to use Starfish for our Peer Mentoring which should work, but Hobsons needs to improve the software to allow for an entity such as a math lab or writing lab to accept multiple people. I am waiting to hear back from our staff who is implementing Starfish throughout our campuses. They were going to contact other Institutions and Hobsons to see if there is a work around. I think the advising component of the software is robust but the tutoring component could use some better programming.




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Hi all!  We have successfully implemented Starfish on our campus for early alert and it is working very well. We now want to introduce the Tutoring component for increased tracking and communication. Please share if you have any experience with Starfish and tutoring and are willing to be a guide for us as we proceed.


Thanks in advance!





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