THANKS! This is another great way to encourage our students to think about thinking (metacognition). Will use at tutor training this fall!


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Hello Kim,

Yes, at USF we began using the GAMES Model several years ago and is has been well received by students and tutors as a helpful resource.  Because learning and studying are individual processes and highly contextualized according the learner and the assignment, we wanted a tool that allowed students to select from a range of options, but not feel defeated by a low score. 


The GAMES model is not a standardized instrument, but rather a well-organized set of suggested strategies that allows students to choose depending on the context and needs. It can be an assessment in that students can rate their usage of each strategy and set goals to make changes, however that is not how we apply it. Since different tasks require different strategies and ways of thinking, we teach students how to first analyze their task and then select the strategies that best fit the task. Hence different strategies are used at different times. So the GAMES model is a nice resource. I think it helps them to consider different strategies and to realize that not all strategies work all of the time.    


Please note that we contacted the authors for permission to use the GAMES model.  I have attached it with the reference to the authors.






Patricia A. Maher, PhD

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Subject: Learning and Study Strategies Scales


Good afternoon,


Can anyone provide the names of any learning or study strategies scales that you use other than than LASSI? It would also be helpful to know why you selected them over LASSI and how to access them.


Thanks in advance,




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