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I’ve been developing such an instrument over the past year. The Measures of Effective Thinking and Learning (METL) is based upon five core learning constructs that exist in overlapping fields of research. In laymen’s terms, the METL provides a comprehensive assessment of student learning by establishing direct links among their:

·         conceptions of learning,

·         management of learning,

·         manifestations of learning,

·         transferability of learning, and

·         ownership of learning


We’re currently adjusting the survey instrument based upon participant feedback. The research behind the instrument is fascinating, and the preliminary results have been promising. We hope to launch it in the upcoming academic year.


Stay tuned for more information.



Leonard Geddes

Principal Educator

The LearnWell Projects

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Subject: Learning and Study Strategies Scales


Good afternoon,


Can anyone provide the names of any learning or study strategies scales that you use other than than LASSI? It would also be helpful to know why you selected them over LASSI and how to access them.


Thanks in advance,




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