Hello Nate et al.,

Attached are the plans for our space, which is on the lower level of our three-story Library.  The first schematic shows the original space layout and utilization and evolves through the second and third blueprint to our existing space.

I will share that our intention to use the office space behind the Computer Lab partly for proctoring did not work out for a few reasons.  The coordinator's space was instead used in this capacity as well as eventually for our associate director's office.

If I was able to do it all over again, I would have made a larger Reception area and better planned out the layout, been able to work more with the contractors and architect on the proctoring area, and ensured there were many more electrical outlets and better soundproofing.  The outlets were handled in an upgrade a few years ago when the situation became extremely problematic.

Also, be careful about the color scheme you pick for paint and carpeting.  It can make all of the difference in the world in terms of the atmosphere you create and comfort level for the students.

Elements that I would say are essential include:

*         Signage-at the entrance to the Library, at the entrance to the floor where you're located, and outside of your space

*         Plenty of outlets

*         Lots of closet space!

*         Whiteboards, ideally one or two that are mobile

*         Mailbox area for staff

*         Charging/storage area for laptops

*         Reception area that includes:

o   Sign-in stations

o   Desk for receptionist(s) with computer

o   Photocopier

o   Storage area for materials that need to be signed in/out

o   Basic workspace for projects

o   Coat rack area

*         Glass walls/windows that help people feel less claustrophobic

*         Depending upon your layout, a divider to separate areas so you can run workshops/SI sessions in one area while tutoring in another

*         A Computer Lab needs a sign-in station to track utilization levels

*         Great bonus:  Built-in overhead projector with speakers and a pull-down screen

Feel free to follow up with any questions if I can be of assistance.


Debbie Malewicki, MA

Director, Center for Learning Resources

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Hello Learning Assistance colleagues:

The University Tutorial Center at NC State University is currently in the design phase for relocating to a new space housed in our main library.  We are interested in learning what other institutions, particularly those housed in the library, have for their physical space.  If available, we would love to view floor plans of current centers.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!

Nathanael L. Cline (Nate)
Assistant Director, University Tutorial Center
Division of Academic and Student Affairs
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