Hi all,

I’d like to do a quick survey for those of you who have 30 or more tutors working for you.  We are currently at a point where SSC (you may recall I’ve mentioned them before) is really not understanding why we ask students to request a course as opposed to a particular tutor.   We have explained that we have multiple peer tutors who can tutor a particular course, and all of our tutors tutor multiple courses (it isn’t financially smart for us or the tutor if they can only do a course or two). 


They informed  us that this is not usual.  So:


My questions are these:

1.       When you do tutor matches, do students request a tutor by name or by course or some other way?


2.       Are your matches automated or done by staff?


3.       If a student is requesting a tutor for a course you don’t have coverage for, how to you manage that situation with the student? 




Shevawn Eaton, Ph.D., Director

ACCESS Tutoring & Support Services

Williston 100

DeKalb, Il 60115

PH: (815) 753-0581




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