We are currently in process of applying for certification so this has is not yet reviewed or approved by the CRLA but this is what our current module contains regarding beginning and ending sessions in our program.  The tutor must observe three veteran tutors using the observation form and then a veteran tutor or myself observes the new tutor for two sessions.  

The extra spaces in the observation form is intentional for notes, comments or justification of something either occurring or not occurring as it is not always feasible to have every single item covered in every session for obvious reasons.  The observer/observed meet following each to discuss and then I go over all observations with the new tutor as well.

Hope this is helpful, you are welcome to use or alter as needed!



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Hello everyone,

Do any of you have effective trainings on Beginning and Ending a Tutoring Session, specifically that help tutors and tutees set session-specific goals and assess/review how well those goals were met during tutoring?

I'm not looking so much for information on setting long-range goals (e.g., developing time management skills) since we have peer mentors who tackle those subjects separately from our tutors.

Any materials or ideas have would be appreciated.

Thank you!

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