Thank you for sharing this incredible resource with the group. I appreciate the time and dedication it took to create such a large annotated bibliography.

Thank you, again!

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Subject: Updated Annotated Bibliography of Major College Peer Learning Programs


I thought you might be interested in an annotated bibliography I maintain on postsecondary peer cooperative learning programs. I just updated it and there are now nearly 1,300 entries. I noticed recent LRNASST conversations about locating research studies to support SI programs or similar approaches operating at the college level. Click on to see the different ways you can download the information=.

The directory grew significantly in the past two years. The directory includes the Emerging Scholars Program (Dr. Uri Treisman model), Peer-Led Team Learning, Supplemental Instruction, and Video-based Supplemental Instruction.

You can download the directory as a PDF or Word document. I also included some sub-topics of the directory such as facilitator development, vocational influence, identity development and more.

I also provide the EndNote library file to allow you to more easily search the database for the topic you want.  Be sure also to download the keyword search guide to discover all the ways to search the contents for the information you want. Other bibliographic database systems may be able to open the EndNote file but I am not an expert with that process.

No doubt I missed some citations related to these seven major peer learning programs. Please send me the citation and perhaps a copy of the publication and I will be happy to include in an update. Thanks for consideration.

Take care,

David Arendale, Associate Professor

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