Good Morning!

I am currently planning our Tutoring Services training for Fall semester and was curious if any of you have ever brought a professional guest speaker to speak to your tutors.  In particular, I would like to bring in someone that can also speak with students majoring in other areas as this might increase my ability to procure funding. 

We are located about 40 miles east of Kansas City, Missouri, so for the amount we have available to pay for travel, I might need to find someone close by. On the other hand, I would love to bring in a specialist to educate and energize my tutors so to create my dream list of guest speakers I was curious if you would be willing to share any suggestions!

My first thought has been a speaker on possible topics such as listening, learning theory, critical thinking, study habits, etc. Any suggestions you have on topics would also be wonderful! 

Thank you in advance!

Kimberly Courtwright

Kimberly Courtwright
University of Central Missouri
Tutoring Services Coordinator
Academic Enrichment
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