Our Center for Academic Success (CfAS) at Florida International University is in search of an educator for the position of Math & Statistics Coordinator.

Colleagues, please share this link with people who would be interested in working in the beautiful city of Miami  :)

Job Description:

Under supervision of the director for the Center for Academic Success (CfAS) the Mathematics and Statistics Coordinator performs a myriad of duties related to the administration, curriculum, and instruction at the Modesto Maidique and Biscayne Bay Campus learning centers.  This position requires the individual to work in a team environment within the constructs of the CfAS as well as with various academic units and academic support departments across the FIU community.

Essential Duties:

*         Work in collaboration with the Director in maintaining the organizational and instructional (programmatic) operations of the CfAS: University Learning Center (MMC & BBC)

*         Manage and have oversight of the daily activities related to the functions, operations, and services provided by the CfAS at the Modesto Maidique Campus and Biscayne Bay Campus, e.g. recruiting, hiring, training, supervising, and evaluating tutors in mathematics and statistics.

*         Model pedagogically and andragogically sound practices for tutors' training and development

*         Assists with the planning, coordination, and implementation of the tutor training program.

*         Assists with the oversight of the subject-specific tutoring via individual, small group, and study hall instruction (MMC & BBC).

*         Identify strategies for assessing the needs of students relative to mathematics and statistics.

*         Design and implement resources and workshops relative to mathematics and statistics.

*         Assist with the creation, development, and implementation of academic support initiatives that expands the CfAS and collaborates with university departments.

*         Develop individual learning plans for "at-risk" and special needs students

*         Contribute to the administration and budget management of the CfAS: University Learning Center (MMC & BBC)

*         Collaborate with university-wide administration, faculty, and academic councils/committees (MMC & BBC).

*         Represents the CfAS on university and SUS committees.

*         Assists with the annual CfAS Symposium.

*         Contributes to the maintenance of the CfAS membership and collaboration with professional organizations, e.g. Florida College Learning Center Association (FCLCA), National Council of Teachers for Mathematics (NCTM), National Association for Developmental Education (NADE), etc.

*         Participate in professional development opportunities

*         Assists with data collection, interpretation, and report of academic support programs delivered by the CfAS.

*         Performs other related duties or special projects as directed.

Desired Qualifications:

Master's degree in an appropriate specialization with at least five years of teaching experience, and at least three years related experience in tutoring, student retention, related student success services, or teaching in an institution of post-secondary education.  Professional proficiency in more than one language.  Demonstration of program development and instructional training.

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree in an appropriate STEM field with at least three years of teaching experience, and/or at least five years of combined experience of secondary and post-secondary education.

Expertise (degreed) in STEM education
Knowledge of current trends in secondary and post-secondary, and education
Knowledge of current national, state, and local assessments used to measure educational progress and/or achievement
Knowledge of the diverse populations of the FIU community
Exemplary oral and written communication skills
Proficiency in MS Office Programs
Ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data
Ability to incorporate pedagogically sound STEM practices to initiatives dedicated to academic success
Ability to maintain a high level of professional integrity
Ability to apply conflict-resolution practices in a learning environment


Vicenta M. Shepard
University Learning Center Director,
Center for Academic Success
Green Library, 120
305 348-2441, ext.2972
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