The Supporting Librarians in Adding Data Literacy Skills to Information Literacy Instruction project is a two-year project running from October 2015 through September 2017 to develop data and statistical literacy skills so librarians can better support critical comprehension skills in their students.


Over the course of the project, co-PIs Kristin Fontichiaro and Jo Angela Oehrli have partnered with data experts and with curriculum experts to identify mini-lessons, strategies, and “rules of thumb” that librarians can nimbly weave into their instruction. The project recognizes that librarians’ time (and that of their classroom colleagues) is limited and looks for the high-leverage practices with the greatest impact on student comprehension.


Here’s what you can get NOW!


An online conference - see schedule: July 20-21, 2017) and scroll down for last year’s conference archive!

Handbook of resources and strategies – chapters can be downloaded separately

Data Literacy ALA Poster Session for addressing fake news






Debbie Abilock


Smart tools, smart research, smart teaching


Abilock, Debbie. “From a Foot in the Door to Being There: Leadership along a Professional Development Continuum.” Libraries Unlimited-ABC CLIO, 2017.

SLC Column “Friction




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