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ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2017)           
                       to be held in 
        Como, Italy, 27th-31th August 2017

LOCATION - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/location/

RecSys 2017 will be hosted in Como, Italy, at Villa Erba from August 27-31, 2017. Villa Erba, an architectural jewel of the 18th century, is located in Cernobbio, 10 minutes by ferry from Como (shuttle service will be provided). The frescoed rooms, the botanical park of and the astonishing view of the lake will help RecSys 2017 to be an unforgettable event.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/keynotes/ 

*** Recommender Systems and the New New Economics of Information
by George Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

*** Improving Higher Education—Learning Analytics & Recommender Systems Research
by George Karypis (University of Minnesota, USA)

*** Personalization is a Two-Way Street
by Ronny Lempel (Outbrain, Israel)

*** Memory Networks for Recommendation
by Jason Weston (Facebook, USA)

TUTORIALS - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/tutorials/

*** New Paths in Music Recommender Systems Research
by Markus Schedl, Peter Knees and Fabien Gouyon

*** Privacy for Recommender Systems 
by Bart Knijnenburg and Shlomo Berkovsky

*** Deep Learning for Recommender Systems
by Alexandros Karatzoglou and Balázs Hidasi

*** Product Recommendations Enhanced with Reviews
by Muthusamy Chelliah and Sudeshna Sarkar

*** Open Source Tools for Online Learning Recommenders
by Róbert Pálovics, Domokos Kelen and András A. Benczúr

WORKSHOPS - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/workshops/

*** VAMS: Value-Aware and Multi-Stakeholder Recommendation - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/vams/ 
*** DLRS: Workshop on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/dlrs/ 
*** ComplexRec: Workshop on Recommendation in Complex Scenarios - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/complexrec/
*** RecTemp: Workshop on Temporal Reasoning in Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/rectemp/
*** Recover: International Workshop on REbooting the COnVErsational Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/recover/
*** RecSysKTL: Workshop on Intelligent Recommender Systems by Knowledge Transfer & Learning - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/recsysktl/
*** FATREC: Workshop on Responsible Recommendation - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/fatrec/
*** IntRS: Joint Workshop on Interfaces and Human Decision Making for Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/intrs/
*** RecTour: Workshop on Recommenders in Tourism - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/intrs/
*** KidRec: International Workshop on Children & Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/kidrec/
*** CitRec: Recommender Systems for Citizens - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/citrec/
*** HealthRecSys: International Workshop on Health Recommender Systems - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/healthrecsys/
*** LSRS: Large Scale Recommendation Systems Workshop - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/lsrs/
*** RecSys Challenge 2017 Workshop - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/challenge-workshop/

SESSION TOPICS - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/program/

Ranking - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-1/ 
Human Interaction - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-2/ 
Unbiased and Private - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-3/ 
Games and Travel - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/industry-session-1/ 
Session-Based RS - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-6/ 
Algorithms I - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-7/ 
Algorithms II - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-8/ 
Interesting Domains - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/industry-session-2/ 
Diversity - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-9/ 
Conversations - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-10/ 
Novel and Practical - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-11/ 
Deep Learning - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-12/ 
Semantics and Sentiment - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/session-13/
Algorithms - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/industry-session-3/ 

A detailed program of ACM RecSys’17 can be found here: https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/program/

REGISTRATION - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/registration/

On-line registration (and more information) can be found at https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/registration/

ACCOMMODATION  - https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/accommodation/

Information regarding accommodation can be found at https://recsys.acm.org/recsys17/accommodation/

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christoph Trattner BSc
Assistant Professor
MODUL University Vienna
Department of New Media Technology
Tel: +43 650 2402801  
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