Steve Smith makes some really good points.

If you are migrating from Outlook / Exchange to Office 365, it should go
seamlessly. Migrations in or out of the G-Suite world are generally
throttled by Google. To avoid saturating their connections to the Internet,
they can limit the volume of data in or out. I expect that Microsoft will
do the same. For a smaller organization, it is not perceptible, but for
large organizations, the rate of data transfer will be excruciatingly slow.
There are also some issues with the conversion of Gmail objects to properly
render in the Office 365 / Outlook environment. They will get there, but
they often look fugly.

The license level is a huge issue. Many organizations make the move to
G-Suite or Office 365 as a cost savings move and go with the minimum
license level. That takes a lot of functionality off the table. Generally,
you want at least the E3 license, but many organizations will decide to
retain their existing investment in the Office suite and go with the E1
 Note that the website presents the "rack rates" and base offers. Depending
upon the size of the organization, other deals can be negotiated.

Patrick Cunningham, CISM, FAI

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