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*It is my pleasure to let you know that the Complex Data Analytics
( at the ICT Research Center of
Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento (Italy) is in the process of
starting a novel initiative on *Complex Multilayer Networks*.  *


We are calling for a PhD position in Smart Computing
( to work at the edge of
complex multilayer networks, information theory and machine learning:

/Complex Multilayer Networks/


/The candidate will develop network-oriented dimensionality reduction
techniques that will allow large-scale data analysis, with applications
to interdependent systems exhibiting the same complexity, including
technological, biological and social ones. This will be implemented in a
framework able to cope with complex models and data structures, in
particular those describing time-varying multilayer systems, e.g., like
the human brain or the activity in online social networks, and the
analysis of interdependent multilayer networks, a scenario typical in
systems biology./

It is worth remarking that, in case of applications from multiple
outstanding candidates, opening of additional PhD positions will be

Candidates with a complex network background who are interested in
network medicine and deep learning might also consider the following

"/Deep Learning for Massive Omics Data/"

"/Deep learning for data integration and reproducibility in autism

"/Deep learning for massive Data in precision medicine/"

In a joint effort with Sharma Lab, we will host for a short/medium
period of time the postdoc who will get the currently available position
at the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard University:

*### Requirements*

PhD candidates should have an outstanding academic record and they
should have completed a master’s degree by 1 December 2017.

Applications are invited from candidates trained in physics,
mathematics, computer science or closely related disciplines, who are
willing to pursue a very interdisciplinary research program.

Candidates interested to applications for (network)
precision/personalized medicine are warmly invited to apply.

The official language will be English and outstanding applications from
abroad will be fully considered.

Optional (but a strong plus):

- Knowledge of R and/or Python language(s) for data analysis

- Good knowledge of statistics, foundations of probability and
information theory

- A genuine interest in working in team within an international and very
interdisciplinary environment

### Marie Curie and other Fellowships

The group is available to host outstanding young researchers who are
willing to spend their fellowship at FBK from 2018.

Please, contact us as soon as possible with a**short expression of
interest if you are planning a project at the edge of network science
and/or machine learning, with applications to precision medicine,
systems biology, network neuroscience, computational epidemiology or
computational social science.

### Deadline

Applications are due before 10 August 2017. Please, send an updated CV,
a cover letter and at least one recommendation letter by email to

Dr Manlio De Domenico ([log in to unmask])

Dr Giuseppe Jurman      ([log in to unmask])

Dr Cesare Furlanello      ([log in to unmask])

Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview and the final
decision will be communicated by the end of August. The starting date is
January 2018.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details about the

## About FBK and Trento

FBK ( is a leading research center and, according
to the last ANVUR evaluation (the Italian program to monitor the quality
of Italian universities and research institutions) it is the best
overall in ICT

Trento is a lovely and smart city in the Northern of Italy with almost
120,000 inhabitants. The city hosts 16,000 international students and
the University of Trento, a top Italian institution in higher education
and research.

Best regards,



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