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To RSiena users:

Since September 4, 2017, new versions 1.2-1 of RSiena and 1.2-2 of
RSienaTest are available from the Siena downloads page and from the RSiena
project at R-Forge.

Short overview of main changes:
1. The version number now was moved up to 1.2.x because there hopefully
will be a new CRAN version soon, and all the changes in the past years
justify going from 1.1.x to 1.2.x.
2. You now need to specify MaxDegree, modelType, behModelType and Offset in
a different way for sienaAlgorithmCreate, and algorithm objects have to be
created anew!! See the help page for sienaAlgorithmCreate.
3. There is a new function score.Test which allows more easily getting
results of score tests.
See its help page.
4. The use of modelType and the recent addition behModelType was corrected.
See the manual for explanation of these keywords.
5. For networkModelType = 3 (initiative and confirmation model for
non-directed networks), an offset is added to the confirmation model. See
the manual for further explanation.
6. There are improvements of sienaBayes, which should avoid errors
occurring for some specifications.
7. New effects: *sameXInPopIntn, sameXOutPopIntn, sameXInActIntn,
8. For effects *inPopX, outPopX, inActX, outActX, sameXInPop, sameXOutAct,
diffXInPop, diffXOutAct, homXInPop, homXOutAct, altXOutAct, diffXOutAct*,
the specification of *interaction2* was changed to '' (this was '1',
erroneously) and default parameter to 1. This means that, if you used any
of these effects, you now may have to specify it differently - if you found
out that interaction2='1' was what you needed to say! (Or perhaps this was
an error that crept in at some moment and you did not notice it.)

On the Siena News page,
and in Appendix B of the manual, you find more details about these and
other changes.

Best wishes,

Tom A.B. Snijders
Professor of Statistics and Methodology, Dept of Sociology, University of
Emeritus Fellow, Nuffield College, University of Oxford

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