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FYI -- Dana Fisher and I are organizing an RC24 session on: "Climate Change and Social Movements: Mobilizing and Resisting Climate Action."

The deadline for submitting paper proposals for this session are this coming weekend: Sept 30th, 24:00 GMT.

We would encourage people working in this area to submit a paper proposal (e.g. title and abstract).

Proposals should be submitted through the ISA website:


Details about our session are given below:


Climate Change and Social Movements: Mobilizing and Resisting Climate Action.



English, French

Research Committee:
RC24 Environment and Society (host committee)

Session Abstract:
This session will examine research on climate change and social movements. Anticipated papers will examine a variety of movements, from those trying to pressure governments to implement policy measures consistent with the Paris Agreement to reduce GHG emissions, to Denialist movements that reject anthropogenic climate change and measures to combat it. Studies of a variety of substantive movements may be included, such as movements in opposition to oil and gas pipelines, coalitions between movements (e.g. American Indian and environmental movements), climate justice movements, relgious movements in support or opposition to climate action, and industry led denialist activities. Studies of movements from diverse geographical regions are encouraged. We anticipate a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to this topic.

In terms of format, we anticipate having a series of research paper presentations, plus a discussant. We will have a chair to moderate the session.

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