Dear All,

Here at the University of Glasgow, we are looking for candidates for three-year post-doctoral 
fellowships in quantitative social science, with applications to public health or medicine. 

"Quantitative Social Scienceā€ involves many methodological approaches, and these include social network analysis, 
multilevel modelling, and maybe even social network analysis and multilevel modelling together.
We have between one and three such fellowships (depending on candidates).

We need to apply for these within a few days because of sudden deadline given by the funder.

If you know of potentially interested early-career researchers or advanced post-doctoral fellows, 
please put them in touch with me ASAP to discus further details, and eligibility.

Kind Regards, 



Mark Tranmer
Professor of Quantitative Social Science
Room 1201, Adam Smith Building
School of Social & Political Sciences 
University of Glasgow
G12 8RT
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0141 330 3144

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