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Dear Socnetters,

it's a pleasure for us to announce that our brand-new book on complex
network analysis is finally out. Please find the full reference below:

      "Complex Networks: Principles, Methods and Applications",
  V. Latora, V. Nicosia, G. Russo, Cambridge University Press (2017)
                        ISBN: 9781107103184

The book is mainly meant to be used as a reference textbook for a first
undergraduate and/or postgraduate taught module on complex networks
analysis and modelling, but it will certainly be found stimulating and
entertaining by researchers and practitioners interested in network

The narrative is organised around the main concepts in complex
networks (centrality, random graphs, small-world networks, growing
graphs, degree correlations, cycles and motifs, communities, weighted
graphs), and explains the theory behind those concepts together with
their application to a variety of real-world network data sets.

The book contains a large set of figures, examples, in-depth
discussions, and problems. It also includes an extended appendix with
detailed explanations of the most important algorithms and numerical
techniques used in network science, and is accompanied by a set of
command-line programs for graph analysis.

All the data sets and programs discussed in the book are available for
download at:

Binary versions of the programs for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (both
.deb and .rpm) are available for download, together with the complete
source files. Sources are also on GitHub:

The book is available today from Cambridge University Press at and from all the major online

Best Regards

Vito Latora
Enzo Nicosia
Giovanni Russo

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