Dear Colleagues:

Professor Alpa Nawre and I are directing a graduate landscape architecture studio that focuses on 4 of our campus sinkhole ponds:

We will explore the relationship of four sinkhole ponds (Liberty Pond, Dairy Pond, Gator Pond and Ocala Pond) identified as conservation areas in the Campus Master Plan to the campus' stormwater system, visibility, and public use.  We propose to do this using the following steps:

1)     Examine the geology, hydrology, ecology, history, and cultural significance of these sinkhole ponds.

2)     Determine the role each e plays (if any) in the current UF stormwater management system.  Examine alternatives/improvements.

3)     Assess the current conditions of each paying particular attention to the integrity of adjacent natural areas, water quality, and current patterns of human use.

4)     Develop a set of conceptual guidelines for use and management of sinkholes identified as part of conservation areas in the Campus Master Plan.

5)     Develop specific recommendations/designs for each of the four sinkhole ponds to:

a.       Improve water quality

b.       Enhance ecological function

c.        Provide the campus and community appropriate access, and

d.       Design interpretive signage to capitalize on the educational opportunity afforded by on-campus sinkhole ponds

The solutions for this project will be submitted to EPA's 6th annual Campus RainWorks Challenge<>.  Challenge details can be found at this link.

I am writing to ask if any of you are aware of any data on these ponds that might have been collected as part of a course or a thesis project sometime in the past.  We are especially interested in the following for each pond:

*       Surveys of plant and animal species

*       Water quality data

*       Pond profiles/bathymetry

*       Sediment data -

*       Mapping of underground caverns in the area bounded by University Ave, 13th Street, Museum Road and Gale Lemerand Drive
Thanks in advance for any assistance you might be able to provide our students.

Peggy Carr
Professor, Department of Landscape Architecture
Director, Sustainability and the Built Environment
College of Design, Construction and Planning
PO Box 115704
331 Architecture
University of Florida
Gainesville, Florida 32611-5701
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