In case you missed our several summer appeals to update GIMS (Graduate Information Management System) access — which also updates our listservs and list of contacts — for personnel dealing with graduate students in your unit, please make any changes now.


Keeping these resources up-to-date is particularly crucial to the Graduate School’s Student Records unit being able to get important, critical, deadline-driven notifications for graduation certification to our coworkers across campus.


Our current list of contacts with GIMS assignments at the college, school and department levels is online at this link:


Please make changes through the “GIMS Access Request” choice on the main menu in GIMS, which you can access by clicking this link:


For instructions on how to grant GIMS access to a new user, click on this link:


For instructions on how to remove GIMS access from a user who no longer needs it, click on this link:


For instructions on how to grant a new user the same GIMS access as another existing user, click on this link:


If you have questions about submitting GIMS access requests, please e-mail our Data Management unit for help, at this e-mail address:


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Please follow up on making these changes as soon as possible.


Thanks much for your prompt cooperation in helping us keep in touch with you, for the good of our graduate student body!


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