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    Full & WIP Papers Due: Jan. 29, 2018

    Panels, Workshops, & Posters Due: Mar. 19, 2018

Join us on July 18–20, 2018 for the 9th annual International Conference on
Social Media and Society (#SMSociety). The conference is an
interdisciplinary gathering of social media researchers, practitioners, and
analysts from around the world. The 2018 conference is hosted by the Centre
for Business Data Analytics at the Copenhagen Business School.

In 2012, in the wake of Occupy and the Arab Spring, the #SMSociety
community explored networked influence and virality, and saw social media
and viral events as a democratizing force. Fast forward five years and we
find ourselves in quite a different, some would argue, darker social media
landscape where those same democratizing forces are now being exploited in
ways we could not foresee. With the rapid change on social media platforms
and their affordances, the heightened emphasis on mobile and visual
communication, the rise of bots, and the increased participation of state
actors, we believe it is time to revisit the ideas of Networked Influence
and Virality once more!

Powered by networked influence and made possible by privately owned social
media platforms, we are said to be in a sharing economy. We are now owning
less and sharing more, giving and receiving crowdsourced content, adapting,
innovating, remaking, and re-sharing original and remixed materials. New
attitudes, practices, and legal precedents about ownership, rights, and
information evaluation are emerging with the growing use of social media.
The joys of sharing and connecting through social media—as amateur music
videos inspire responses and the sharing of cute animal videos brings joy
to millions—are tempered with concerns about the manipulation and
exploitation of social media platforms. Hateful, anti-social speech,
coordinated misinformation campaigns (i.e. “fake news”) and “false 
operation by actors unknown now dominate the news cycle and compete for an
opportunity to “go viral.”

Considering the rapid changes in social media environments, use, and users,
the conference organizers invite scholarly and original submissions that
relate to the 2018 theme of “Networked Influence and Virality.” We welcome
both quantitative and qualitative work which crosses interdisciplinary
boundaries and expands our understanding of the current and future trends
in social media research.


From its inception, the International Conference on Social Media & Society
Conference (#SMSociety) has focused on the best practices for studying the
impact and implications of social media on society.

Organized by the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management at
Ryerson University, the conference provides participants with opportunities
to exchange ideas, present original research, learn about recent and
ongoing studies, and network with peers. The conference’s intensive
three-day program features workshops, full papers, work-in-progress papers,
panels, and posters. The wide-ranging topics in social media showcase
research from scholars working in many fields including Communication,
Computer Science, Education, Journalism, Information Science, Management,
Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, etc.


See online at 


Full and WIP (short) papers presented at the Conference will be published
in the conference proceedings by ACM International Conference Proceeding
Series (ICPS) and will be available in the ACM Digital Library. All
conference presenters will be invited to submit their work as a full paper
to the special issue of the Social Media + Society journal (published by


Anatoliy Gruzd, Ryerson University, Canada – Conference Chair Ravi Vatrapu,
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark  –  Host Chair Philip Mai, Ryerson
University, Canada – Conference Chair Jenna Jacobson, Ryerson University,
Canada – Conference Chair Hazel Kwon, Arizona State University, USA – WIP
Chair Jeff Hemsley, Syracuse University, USA – WIP Chair Anabel Quan-Haase,
Western University, Canada – Panel Chair Luke Sloan, Cardiff University, UK
– Panel Chair Jaigris Hodson, Royal Roads University, Canada – Poster Chair


William H. Dutton, Michigan State University, USA Susan Halford, University
of Southampton, UK Zizi Papacharissi, University of Illinois at Chicago,
USA Barry Wellman, INSNA Founder, The Netlab Network, Canada

*Jenna Jacobson*, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Social Media Lab < > | Ryerson University

10 Dundas St. East (DSQ10), Suite 1002
Toronto, ON, Canada  M5N 0A1
Twitter: @jacobsonjenna < >
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