I am researching to see what is an average cost for a company to pay for 
offsite records storage in the Midwest, My business is located in the 
Midwest (MN).

Here are my questions:

Do you use offsite record storage?

If yes, not including destruction, what is your average yearly cost for 
offsite record storage?                                                                        
(I'm including all the retrieval cost and any other fees that may apply to 
record storage but not destruction cost)

If you don’t use offsite record storage, you must store onsite?  

Did you do a cost comparison for offsite and onsite?

Are you saving money over time to have your records onsite?

Or are you scanning your paper records instead?  

*Do you believe that scanning is cheaper now then it was before?  

*What I mean by this is that if you used an company to scan your docs so 
they are user friendly, searchable for legal and users, quality check, 
approved format for converting paper to electronic to become the 
official/governed record, do you feel that the cost has gone down to use an 
outside resource to convert your paper to electronic.  

Thank you,
Susan Kain

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