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Subject: Introduction to REDCap course offerings on myTraining


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Dear REDCap Users:

The Introduction to REDCap in-person course can now be registered for on the myTraining website:

This lecture and demonstration provides a basic overview of the Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) system; how REDCap can speed time to database creation and deployment; best practices; and provides a general overview of its many powerful data collection and management features. This course is directed towards new users or those with little experience in using REDCap. NOTE: these course sections cover the same material as previous sections so new attendees will be given priority.

Go to the myTraining website
Click on ‘Schedule / Calendar’
Click on the Search icon in right-hand top corner (magnifying glass icon)
Type in ‘REDCap’
Click on the course name: Introduction to REDCap
Click on ‘Register’ (top right-hand side)
Choose which date you want to attend (select circle next to course date) and click on ‘Submit’ (bottom right-hand side)

Dates and times of courses:
1/9/2018: 10-11:30 am
1/25/2018: 3-4:30 pm
2/5/2018: 3-4:30 pm
2/22/2018: 10-11:30 am
3/16/2018: 2-3:30 pm
3/29/2018: 11 am-12:30 pm
4/9/2018: 1-2:30 pm
4/24/2018: 10-11:30 am
5/15/2018: 3-4:30 pm
5/30/2018: 3-4:30 pm

C3-13, Communicore
1249 Center Drive, COM, Gainesville, FL, United States, 32610
Location URL :
Facility URL :