I’ve linked this statistical decision tree in “persistent resources”.


In addition to the interactive tool, I’ve also put two sort of “graphical displays” of the full decision tree with it.  The graphics are complicated, but I think they may be helpful if you’re a visual processor.




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A student in multivariate asked: "For the final exam and for future reference, would it be possible for you to create a roadmap/summary for the different statistical tests like you did in the previous stats classes?"


For students in CLP 6527, the roadmap I show you covers CLP 6527/6528, and it will be helpful to you in the analysis picking exam in CLP 6528 (and in life, I hope).


For students in CLP 6529, and the best methods for change class (CLP 7525), there is no equivalent roadmap. While you wouldn't need one for your exam, I agree it would be helpful to have one for your own analytic lives.


I played around with expanding the roadmap to accommodate extra analyses from later classes (where we cover fewer analyses, but in more depth), but CLP 6529/7525 don't fit so nicely in there.


So, try this:  This is a statistical decision tree I made.


It is in beta -- so you'll find errors, and I want to hear about them!  Once I'm sure it works well, I'll put this in the "Persistent resources" of all my classes.  It is a new "road map", as it were, for all four classes I teach. 


Feedback welcomed, please!  I'll try to also create a graphical "at a glance" view for quick reference, but that may be a tall order!