Greetings: Evaluations are now open at . You can also access them via the "Gator Rater" link in the left-side menu in Canvas. Many of you know this already, but a few key points follow:

1.       The site is mobile-friendly, so you can do these evaluations on your smartphones, as well as computers or tablets.

2.       If 80% of the class completes, you all get 1 bonus point added to final course grade (so, if you final course grade is 89%, the additional point would bump it to 90%). If 100% of the class completes, you all get 2 bonus points.

3.       Evaluations are anonymous, so I have no way of knowing who has, or has not, responded. I also don't know what any particular person said.

4.       To further protect students, I won't get to see evaluations until 12/21, after your final grades have been posted.

5.       The evaluations are very important to me - especially the comments - because I engage in a process called "continuous quality improvement", which means I modify the class each year in response to comments and feedback from students. In general, your providing these evaluations is especially important to untenured assistant professors and non-permanent lecturers, for whom these evaluations carry weight in the annual performance evaluation.

6.       A bar chart showing the class progress appears at the top of our Canvas site.

7.       I will send periodic reminders to complete these evaluations (infrequent at first, then growing in frequency as the deadline approaches). If you want the reminders to go away, please just complete the evaluations.  I'll be very happy not to send reminders. We could finish this all in one day if you'd all do your ratings today :-) .

8.       Some students may be "conscientious objectors" about evaluations for some reason. In that case, to get your vote "recorded" (and qualify for bonus points), simply enter the evaluation, elect "unable to rate" on all dimensions, and leave the comments blank. (I would prefer you not to do this, but I want to make sure you know about that "out").

9.       The absolute deadline to complete is 11:59 pm, EDT, on 12/07/2017, after which the portal closes.

As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. In addition to talking to/calling me/emailing me, feel free to use the discussion board or the anonymous comment form on our Canvas site to share anything about these evaluations, or any other topic.

Have a good week and Thanksgiving holiday,  Michael

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