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To recognize the excellence of individuals in the field, the International Center for Supplemental Instruction will present awards at the 2018 Conference on SI. All award winners will receive recognition certificates. Any SI leader, SI supervisor, or other professional colleague at an institution that has an active SI program is eligible for the awards and recognition program. 

 Nominations will be accepted from February 1, 2018. Below please find a detailed list of categories. For more information visit:

Outstanding SI Leader Open to all

This award supports SI leaders as they continue or fulfill their degree aspirations. A minimum of one award will be given to those supporting traditional SI programs as well as to those supporting students in non-traditional SI programs, such as on-line, hybrid or mandatory SI.

Outstanding SI Mentor Open to all
Mentors are becoming an integral part of the SI program as programs are continuing to increase in size. This award supports SI Mentors as they continue or fulfill their degree aspirations. A minimum of one award will be given.

Outstanding SI support by a Campus Administrator Open to all
This award recognizes the special supporting role of administrators to the success of SI programs.

Outstanding SI Program Open to Certified SI Programs and programs outside the U.S. only
This award recognizes excellence in SI programs. Winners are invited to present their work at the SI conference.

Outstanding SI Research and/or Publication Open to all
This award honors significant contributions to the field of SI. This may include publications, theses or dissertations, or published and unpublished projects. The winner will be invited to present his or her work at the SI Conference.

Outstanding SI Innovation Open to all
This award honors creativity and innovative practice in adapting your SI program to meet the needs of students in an ever changing academic landscape. Consideration will be given to innovations in programs which adhere to the traditional tenets of the UMKC model of Supplemental Instruction as well as non-traditional SI programs such as online, hybrid, or mandatory Supplemental Instruction.

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