Hi Michael,


I’m no longer on a TutorTrac campus, so some of my advice may be outdated and no longer applicable, but:


1.       TutorTrac does have a demo system they use at conferences and trainings.  Give them a call and see if they can give you access to it to train your own staff.

2.       Make some fake students and use them for training.  When I was a TT admin, I had fake student accounts set up for both of my cats.  That way, my staff could practice their TT skills (making appointment, canceling appointments, moving appointments, checking books in and out, etc.) without affecting real students’ records or generating automated emails to students that they would find alarming.

3.       Pick a couple of members of your peer tutoring staff and ask their permission to use them for training.  I had a few tutors who didn’t mind me doing this, and because they knew I was doing it, they knew what was happening when they suddenly started getting unexpected emails from TutorTrac telling them they had made or canceled appointments.  You can go back in later on and delete the evidence from their record if you think an instructor or someone else might see it later on and misinterpret it.


Hope this helps!



Michele Costabile Doney, M.S.Ed.

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We continue to struggle with teaching our Tutors and students how to use TutorTrac properly. We've created step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and in-person trainings. Universally, they want to be able to interact with the site in order to learn it. Unfortunately, TutorTrac does not have a test site and any actions in the system are live.


How have many of you improved the quality and accuracy of your Tutors and campus population in using TutorTrac?

Thank you,

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