Hi Rebecca and Jennifer,


We are a small rural community college. We have about 45 part time tutors- some students, some BS/BA holders, some retired teachers. We have discipline specific and generalist tutors in our multidisciplinary center. In fall 2016 we switched from DI to appointment based offerings. We do offer tutor led study groups for A and P classes. This model has worked well.  We monitor if students have been turned away for lack of tutor availability and sometimes  increase coverage for anticipated busy times (day before College Algebra test, e.g.). I find this interesting: we do still have DI on Sundays. Students who have used it feel confused and let down about not having their appointment.


Marylu Towey

Academic Support

Chesapeake College

Wye Mills, Maryland


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LRNASST-L Digest - 26 Oct 2017 - Special issue (#2017-358)

Table of contents:

  1. Academic Coaching Program Student learning outcomes-STEM students
  2. Schedule drop-in shifts (high volume, multi-disciplinary center)
  3. ATP Proposal Deadline Extension


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