At Chesapeake College our tutors are paid the base rate of $11/hour for training. This equates to the wage paid to student workers who deal with sensitive data under federal FA programs. Our CRLA training for Level 1 takes between 10 and 13 hours. We require all our tutors achieve Level 1 by the end of the first semester. We begin each semester with a basic four hour workshop.  Then tutors “observe and chat” (with senior staff)  for a week before we pair them with their first learner. The  remaining training is done in a combo of small group workshops and one to one.



Marylu Towey

Academic Support

Chesapeake College

Wye Mills, Maryland



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LRNASST-L Digest - 22 Nov 2017 to 27 Nov 2017 - Special issue (#2017-402)

Table of contents:

  1. Do you pay your tutors for training?


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