Hi all,
Our tutors are paid their regular, hourly rate of $8.25/hour (minimum wage in IL) for training. New tutors participate in 8 hours of training before they are assigned work.
With programmatic changes happening rapidly, our experienced tutors will also be participating in training to learn a new appointment/data collection software.
At this point, our program is CRLA certified. One of my goals is to continue to Level 2 training for our experienced tutors.

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Subject: Do you pay your tutors for training?

Hello, All.

I hope you had a nice break.

Here, at my new institutions, tutors are not paid for training. They have the option of taking a class, which at least will give them 2 credits; however, very few new tutors take advantage of it, and it is not available to tutors who come on board later in the semester. Tutors who do not take the class, take what we call the Alternate training, with no pay but they get CRLA certified.

What does you training program look like? And do you pay your tutors for it?



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