Hello colleagues,


We are struggling with a response to what I think may be a FERPA violation.  I am hoping some of you have a similar situation or can bring some wisdom to bear.


We have a program in which students take tests, receive a score on those tests, but don’t receive the actual test back afterwards – they are not allowed to see the test, just the grade.  I think this results from a fear of test leaking but I am not sure.  A faculty member wants to share a student’s test with us in the tutoring center, so we can help the student master the issues behind the error.


This is just making me twitch…it just doesn’t seem to fit within any FERPA release I have ever seen.  So even if the student wanted to sign such a release, does it exist?  Additionally I worry that if the test did somehow leak, the finger would point straight back  to us.


Does anyone have advice or suggestions for us?  Maybe there is a way to think about this that hasn’t hit me yet…


Best Regards - Gail


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