*Currents in Teaching and Learning**, *a peer-reviewed electronic journal
that fosters exchanges among reflective teacher-scholars across the
disciplines, welcomes *submissions for its Spring 2018 issue *(Volume 10,
Number 2), and looks ahead to the *special themed issue for Spring 2019*.
We consider all submissions that address new approaches to theories and
practices of teaching and learning.

Each year we release two issues of *Currents*, an open-ended Fall issue and
a themed issue in the Spring. * We welcome all teaching and
learning-related submissions for the Fall  Issues.*

*The following are the **themes for the Spring 2018 and Spring 2019
issues:  *

*The theme for the Spring 2018 issue is “theories and practices of
project-based and problem-based learning.” *Project-based learning has been
described as “a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills
by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an
authentic, engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge.”
Problem-based learning has been defined as a student-centered pedagogy in
which students learn about a subject through the experience of solving an
open-ended problem.” We invite submissions that address any or all aspects
of these approaches to teaching and learning.* Some questions that might be
addressed include (but are not limited to): *

·       What kinds of knowledge and skills should educators be cultivating
inside and outside the 21st century classroom?

·       How do long-term projects and open-ended problems fit into
curricula that are often content-driven?

·       How do (or should) educators guide students who are frequently
risk-averse toward taking on “authentic, engaging and complex questions,
problems, or challenges”?

*Looking ahead, the theme for the Spring 2019 issue is “Globalizing
learning.” *With the intensifying clash between nationalism and
globalization, the issue of how to incorporate consciousness of global
issues and trends into college education has become ever more critical.
For this issue, we invite submissions that address this issue from
theoretical and/or practical perspectives. *Some questions that might be
addressed include (but are not limited to):*

·       What constitutes “global learning”, and what implications might
this have for the nature, substance, content, and methods of tertiary

·       What kinds of approaches can be used to integrate global knowledge
and skills into teaching and learning across the disciplines?

·       In what ways can global and local forms of knowledge construction
be related in classroom and extra-curricular modes of teaching and

*Submissions may take the form of:*

·      *Teaching and Program Reports: *short reports from different
disciplines on classroom practices (2850–5700 words);

·      *Essays:* longer research, theoretical, or conceptual articles and
explorations of issues and challenges facing teachers today (5700 – 7125

·      *Book and Website Reviews: *send inquiries attn: Book Review
Editors. No unsolicited reviews, please.

We welcome both individual and group submissions.  All submissions must be
original, previously unpublished work and, if based in a particular
academic discipline, must explicitly consider their relevance and
applicability to other disciplines and classroom settings.

*Submissions Deadlines: *

*Spring 2018 issue: Deadline extended to **December 31, 2018*

Submissions received after these dates will be considered on a rolling
basis and for the following issue.

*Currents in Teaching and Learning* is a peer-reviewed electronic journal
that fosters non-specialist, jargon-free exchanges among reflective
teacher-scholars. Published twice a year and addressed to faculty and
graduate students across the disciplines, *Currents* seeks to improve
teaching and learning in higher education with short reports on classroom
practices as well as longer research, theoretical, or conceptual articles,
and explorations of issues and challenges facing teachers today.

Send all inquiries to Editor Martin Fromm or Editorial Assistant Kayla
Beman at [log in to unmask] For submission guidelines, visit our
website at

*Currents in Teaching and Learning* is a publication of Worcester State
University, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.   *ISSN: 1945-3043*

Martin Fromm

Assistant Professor of East Asian History
Department of History and Political Science
Editor of *Currents in Teaching and Learning*
Co-Organizer of the Shared Scholarship Series

Worcester State University
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