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Figuring out connections and centrality may not be just a human skill!  Our dog figured out (from as near as I could tell) betweenness centrality in two different houses — she knew the right spot to lay down with the most intersections of human traffic in the house — different spot during day and during night.  Our current cat always drops his toys/discoveries in what also appears to be the most travelled intersection in the house.  Although the cat often sits in may lap while I am doing network analysis on the big computer monitor… so he may have picked up a few hints on how it all works.  ;-)

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> Was Leonardo (da Vinci, not deCaprio or de Ninja) the first Renaissance network analyst, moving away from the binary thinking of the middle ages?
> "Leonardo da Vinci was born with extra bundles of receptors, attuned to frequencies his peers could not hear and capable of making connections no one else could see".
> [Jennifer Senior, NYT, "Portrait of a True Renaissance Man", Nov 2, 2017]
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