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A couple of recently published articles that folks on the list might be 
interested in:

Callison, Candis and D.B. Tindall. 2017 Online. “Climate Change 
Communication in Canada.” In /Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate 
Science./ Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press. 

Ramón-Hidalgo, A. E., Kozak, R. A., Harshaw, H. W., & Tindall, D. B. 
2017 Online. “Differential Effects of Cognitive and Structural Social 
Capital on Empowerment in Two Community Ecotourism Projects in Ghana.” 
/Society & Natural Resources/ 1-17. 

Both of these are the advanced online versions of the articles. I think 
the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Climate Science is currently freely 
available online, and in pdf format.

The SNR piece should be available through your library system. 
Otherwise, let me know, and I can happily e-mail a pdf to you.

David Tindall

Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia

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