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We would like to invite you to contribute to the 2018 Applied Network
Science < > Special Issue on "Network
Medicine in the era of Big Data in Science and Healthcare"

Advances in the field of network medicine and in complex networks theory
allow for a more holistic approach to human health through the study of
networks of genes and proteins, modules across cells and tissues,
electronic health records, epidemiological and clinical data. Novel
concepts and approaches derived from recent progress in network theory,
dynamical systems, and computational biology, combined with the large-scale
datasets produced from subcellular to social levels are promised to provide
new insights into the complex processes involved in human physiology and
diseases. This Special Issue will focus on bringing together novel network
approaches applied to various biological and health-related datasets and
will address the current challenges and bottlenecks towards future major
advances by describing findings that can drive the implementation of
translational network medicine.

You are invited to submit regular manuscripts, and please let us know if
you are interested in writing a review article.

The topics of interest for this special issue include (but are not limited

• Biological networks and their applications in healthcare, aging and
disease biology

• Systems pharmacology and drug repurposing

• Multi-omics / multilayer networks in medicine

• Precision network medicine for personalized diagnostics and therapy

   - • Network-based approaches for undiagnosed or rare diseases
   - • Mobility, social network and electronic health record analysis for
   human well-being
   - • Connected objects for health
   - • Epidemiological data analysis and network dynamics
   - • Network physiology and organ level network

Submission timeline

   - • *Expression of interest : January 15, 2018 *

We invite authors to submit a brief expression of interest and a short
outline or extended abstract (approx. 1000 words). The proposal should
include (1) the topic and how it contributes to the special issue, (2) key
concepts, (3) methods (if the paper will be based on empirical research),
and (4) expected conclusions and results.  Please send it by e-mail  to  the
Lead guest editor (Amitabh Sharma  [log in to unmask] )

no later than January 15, 2018.

   - • *Feedback on outline / extended abstract: January 30, 2018*

   - • *Full paper submission: March 31, 2018.*

Full submission guidelines
< >
be found at the Applied Network science
< > website. 

All manuscripts should be submitted through the Applied Network Science
submission system : 

   - • *Target publication date: No later than July 30, 2018*

Papers will be published as soon as they are accepted.

Guest editors

Please direct your questions  to special issue editors:

Amitabh Sharma: [log in to unmask]

Marc Santolini : [log in to unmask]
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Emre Guney : [log in to unmask]

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