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This conference could be interesting to some socnet members, in particular
the session on "data science and machine learning for development and
humanitarian action":

SE04-HUM: “Data science and machine learning for development and
humanitarian action”
Session leader: Robert West, DLAB, EPFL
It is widely anticipated that data science in general and machine learning
in particular, will revolutionize our society as a whole. Due to ever
larger and more fine-grained data sets, as well as advances in computing
hardware and learning algorithms, we are bound to see a whole new world of
opportunities to bring about ground-breaking changes, which could expedite
the development of low- and middle-income countries. This session will look
into promising applications of data science in development and humanitarian


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From: EPFL Tech4Dev <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 2:12 PM
Subject: TR: (Please Disseminate Through your Networks) Second Call for
Papers (Extended Abstracts): 5th International Conference of the UNESCO
Chair in Technologies for Development,Tech4Dev 2018. 27-29 June 2018,
SwissTech Convention Center, EPFL, Lausanne.
To: Robert West <[log in to unmask]>

*Dear Colleagues, *

*Are you interested in the development of innovative technology solutions
to advance inclusive social and economic development in the Global South?*

*The Second call for Papers (Extended Abstracts)* for the *5th
International Conference of the UNESCO Chair in Technologies for
Development* has been officially launched.

*Tech4Dev 2018,* gives you an opportunity to:

Ø  Present your research at a unique multidisciplinary Conference focused
on innovative technology for social impact in the Global South.

Ø  Network across disciplines and fields of technology, to promote the
development, deployment, adaptation, and scaling of new solutions for the
Global South.

Ø  Identify opportunities for collaboration with diverse stakeholders –
academics, students, engineers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, practitioners,
and social scientists- interested in technological innovation in the Global

Ø  Participate in the fabulous social event of the conference that will
take place in the Lavaux Vineyards, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ø  Build capacity among students and young professionals to engage in
multidisciplinary problem solving for social impact.

*Tech4Dev 2018* invites researchers, students, practitioners, industry or
anyone interested in critical issues in Technologies for Development to
submit proposals for Papers (Extended Abstracts).
< >
should emphasize the value of technological innovation while also
acknowledging the limits of technology in generating inclusive social and
economic development.

*Core Thematic Areas:*

•                   Technologies for *Humanitarian Action*

•                   *Medical Technologies*

•                   Science and Technology for *Disaster Risk Reduction*

•                   Technologies for *Sustainable Access to Energy*

•                   *ICT for Development*

•                   Technologies for *Sustainable Habitat and Cities*

*Crosscutting Themes: *

   - Strengthening the research-policy nexus in the *implementation of the
   - Opportunities and Challenges in *Quality (Rigorous) Impact
   Evaluations:*  Lessons from the academia and the field
   - Development Engineering: *Training Global Engineers*
   - *Open science:* an opportunity for the global south?
   - Heart Money - the role of venture capitalism in *enabling social
   - *Blockchain and the BoP*: a disruptive technology for economic
   - *Development Engineering* in the Private Sector
   - Building bridges *among global high-tech hubs in the African context*

Proposals for * Papers (Extended Abstracts)* should be submitted through
the conference’s online submission platform
< >, using the prescribed template
< >
no later than *5 January 2018. Papers (Extended Abstracts) should be
oriented towards the Conference’s Breakout Sessions. You can find the list
of Sessions on the Second Call for Papers Document   (Attached to the
present Email). *

Further information, templates and material can be found on the conference

We would be grateful if you could also help us disseminate the attached
material to all your contacts, networks, etc.

If you could include a link to our website 
Tech4Dev2018 that would be much appreciated.

We are looking forward to seeing you in *Lausanne in June 2018!*

With Kind Regards,

*Alfredo Kägi*

UNESCO Chair Conference Coordinator


Cooperation and Development Center

UNESCO Chair in Technologies for Development


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