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*Call for Submissions “**Empirical Studies of the Micro-Macro Link” at 
Sunbelt 2018*

One of the classical reasons for engaging in social network analysis is 
to arrive at an understanding of the functioning of a social system as 
it reveals itself in the interdependencies among the social actors that 
constitute it. As such, social network analysis lies at the intersection 
of empirical data analysis and the micro-modelling of macro phenomena. 
This intersection position holds especially for “generative” statistical 
network models (Epstein, 2006), including but not limited to exponential 
random graph models (ERGMs, Lusher, Koskinen & Robins, 2012) and 
stochastic actor-oriented models (SAOMs, Snijders, van de Bunt & 
Steglich, 2010).

In this session, my aim is to collect contributions that build on 
empirical data to study the micro-to-macro link. Any study that 
investigates macro (i.e., network-level) outcomes while taking 
reasonable effort to calibrate the generative models to an empirical 
setting (Bruch & Atwell, 2015) is very welcome!

If you have questions about this session, please contact me:
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> (Institute 
for Analytical Sociology, Norrköping)
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> (ICS, Department of 
Sociology, Groningen)

Sunbelt 2018 will take place June 26 – July 1 in Utrecht, Netherlands. 
Abstracts for 20-minute paper presentations can be submitted at  
Submissions are due 1 February 2018, and authors of accepted papers will 
be notified by March 2018.

I look forward to receiving your submissions!
Christian < >


_Keywords:_ micro-macro link, model calibration, exponential random 
graph models, stochastic actor-oriented models, generative models, 
agent-based models

Bruch, E., & Atwell, J. (2015). Agent-based models in empirical social 
research. Sociological Methods & Research, 44(2), 186-221.
Epstein, J. M. (2006). Generative social science: Studies in agent-based 
computational modeling. Princeton University Press.
Lusher, D., Koskinen, J., & Robins, G. (Eds.). (2012). Exponential 
random graph models for social networks: Theory, methods, and 
applications. Cambridge University Press.
Snijders, T. A. B., van de Bunt, G. G., & Steglich, C. E. G. (2010). 
Introduction to stochastic actor-based models for network dynamics. 
Social Networks, 32(1), 44-60.

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