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Dear colleagues,

Unfortunately, the proposal for complex network Q&A site on StackExchange
that was started a year ago did not gather enough momentum and was closed
by the SE administration as not viable. It was a good effort, but not good
enough. Shall we give it another try?

If you are interested in a place where everyone could ask and answer any
questions related to complex networks (including, naturally, social
networks and SNA software!), please follow the instruction:

   1. Click on the link ( )
   and *follow* the proposal.
   2. Propose up to five example questions.
   3. Up-vote and/or down-vote the example questions that have been posted
   by other followers.
   4. Remember: The goal of the definition stage is to gather support of at
   least 60 followers and propose at least 40 questions with the score of 10
   or more. More questions will be added later. Strategically, it is much
   better to nominate 40 good questions with 10 votes each than 10 excellent
   questions with 40 votes each. We've been there. We failed. Let's not fail
   5. *Most important:* Spread the word of mouth. Tell you colleagues and
   students about the proposal. Post this instruction to other mailing lists,
   on LinkedIn, on Twitter. This opportunity is too good to be missed.

Good luck to all us.

Dmitry Zinoviev, Professor of Computer Science, Suffolk University, Boston,
MA 02114
Author of "Data Science Essentials in Python" and "Complex Network Analysis
in Python" 
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