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An opportunity to study for a PhD at Glasgow that involves social networks - using multilevel models with UK School/Network/Health/Educational Data, starting autumn 2018. 

Previous multilevel studies of pupils in schools suggest that much of the inequality in pupils’ health and educational outcomes is between schools. However, part of the variation in these outcomes may be due to friendship networks (peers). The proposed research will formulate and compare advanced statistical models for data on pupils in networks in schools to answer three key, interrelated, research questions: (i) To what extent are friendship networks associated with pupils’ inequalities in health and educational outcomes? (ii) Are these inequalities in part explained by friendship networks? (iii) do these associations differ by network composition, geographical location, or time?

The student will apply and compare school and network multilevel models to several UK datasets. New applications of Multiple Membership Multiple Classification (MMMC) and Conditional Auto-Regressive (CAR) models will be made for both cross-sectional and longitudinal friendship networks in the context of health and educational inequalities. The research will also consider inequalities by network composition, including gender network differences. 

The project will use advanced quantitative methods – including non-hierarchical and non- linear multilevel statistical models, and involving the use of advanced statistical software, in the context of real public health data. The student will also undertake interpretation and presentation of the results of these analyses, for both academic and non-academic audiences from a variety of disciplines. 

Project Team  –

1st Supervisor: Professor Mark Tranmer, School of Social & Political Sciences, University of Glasgow. [log in to unmask]

2nd Supervisor: Dr Duncan Lee, School of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Glasgow. [log in to unmask]

3rd Supervisor: Professor Laurence Moore,  Social and Public Health Sciences Unit (SPHSU), University of Glasgow.  [log in to unmask]




Mark Tranmer
Professor of Quantitative Social Science
Room 1201, Adam Smith Building
School of Social & Political Sciences 
University of Glasgow
G12 8RT
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0141 330 3144

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