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Dear Socnetters,

Please consider submitting your work to the organized session on Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis at Sunbelt 2018 before February 1.

We invite papers dedicated to exploring theoretical and methodological challenges on the interplay between social networks and semantic networks.

People, groups and organizations are linked (or separated) not only by their social ties but also by their discourse. In recent years, scholars have explored the interplay between the two through a network perspective shedding new light on how the social and the cultural are intertwined, how meaning and relationships coevolve, how cognitive and relational structure affect one another and so on. This emerging framework where semantic and social network data are being jointly appraised still poses a number of theoretical and methodological challenges.

This organized session will consist of two parts: (1) a regular session where papers will be presented and (2) a panel, where session presenters will be invited to discuss topical issues in socio-semantic network analysis. The purpose here is to stimulate open discussion on relevant issues in socio-semantic network analysis. The pivotal issues will be proposed by the organizers based on the abstracts received.  


To submit your abstract to this session, select “Advances Socio-semantic network analysis” in the drop-down menu « Preferred session » of the Abstract Submission page for Sunbelt 2018 (https://sunbelt.sites.uu.nl/abstract-submission/). Note that the menu appears only after you have selected « Presentation » in the « Presentation preference » menu.


Testimony of the dynamism of research in the field, this year, there are two other thematically close sessions, you may want to consider as well:

·         Words and Networks relates to innovative research at the nexus of text analysis and network analysis.

·         Network Approaches to Language, Sociocultural Interaction, and Relational Sociology relates to the use of network theory or methods in contributing to the cross-fertilization of ideas in studies of language, communicative events, and relational sociology.

Feel free to contact us at [log in to unmask] if you have any doubt about which session you should be submitting to.

Looking forward to your submissions, 

the organizers:

Nikita Basov, St. Petersburg State University

Johanne Saint-Charles, University of Quebec at Montreal

Iina Hellsten, University of Amsterdam

Adina Nerghes, Digital Humanities Group, KNAW Humanities Cluster

Camille Roth, Sciences Po, Paris

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