UFIRST Agreements underwent a substantial upgrade on Friday, November 17, 2017.  The upgrade was intended to provide more transparency to the negotiation process, providing states that are more granular than simply “under negotiation”; this allows for quicker identification of where agreements are in the routing and negotiation process.  Some new states are pending sponsor signature, pending UF signature, and pending compliance activities.  When in negotiation, there are stoplights indicating red when that process is currently awaiting action outside DSP.


Also included in this enhancement is electronic capture of many ancillary pdf or email documents that have always been a part of the agreement process, but were unable to be handled consistently of efficiently as they were not incorporated electronically. 


Additional details of the other enhancements are outlined below.


What type of record should I start in UFIRST?

Financial Agreements are defined as any agreement where UF will RECEIVE money for performance of a project.  Regardless of what the document is called (consulting agreement, collaboration agreement, MOU, contract, purchase order, grant agreement), if there is money coming to UF then for the purposes of the instructions below, it is considered a Financial AGR.  If you are unsure of what type to use but there are funds coming to UF, select CONTRACT. UFIRST will reject saving any financial agreement that was not started directly from a UFIRST proposal.  START from the PROPOSAL first if any funding is received by UF in the agreement.


If an agreement, agreement mod, award, award mod or proposals is routed when another type was appropriate, DSP will likely need to terminate the record.  DSP will initiate a record in the appropriate section of UFIRST; however, this will result in delays in processing and likely require some duplication of entry or rerouting of missing information such as new ACF forms.  If you have any questions about what to start, contact DSP first!

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Office of Clinical Research

The University’s Office of Clinical Research negotiates many of the University’s agreements for human subjects research.  The human subjects questions in UFIRST Agreements automatically drives the determination of whether DSP or OCR will negotiate the contract.  If OCR will manage the negotiation process, a “WATERMARK” of OCR will show up on the header of the summary page of your agreement.  This will stay here through the life of the award to indicate Human Subjects are involved.

Electronic Compliance Form (ACF) and required FCOI disclosures

The Compliance Form that was previously available in PDF at the Agreement stage will not be accepted after November 17, 2017.  Due to changes in the questions and automatic routing of responses, only the electronic version will be accepted for all agreements routed after November 17, 2017.  All Key Persons must do FCOI prior to routing Agreements to DSP for Review.  These are also completed electronically via UFIRST agreements.


As a reminder, if PI has not come to UF yet, they should get an appointment and seek eligibility per UF policy at: http://research.ufl.edu/dsp/proposals/eligibility-to-submit-a-proposal-for-external-funding.htmlDO NOT put Department Chair as PI. 

New Financial Agreement arrives without Proposal (via UFIRST with incorrect AGR type or emailed to DSP)

1.       If AGR arrives to DSP via the UFIRST Agreements Module and it requires a proposal but one was not started, then the DSP Doc Negotiator will terminate the Agreement. 

2.       If DSP receives AGR via email directly then DSP will start the Proposal & Agreement shells, attach all documents and send to Responsible Unit via UFIRST for completion, approvals and return routing concurrent to the proposal. 

NOTE: If agreement arrives before proposal, the DSP Doc Negotiator may choose to start review or place AGR on “Hold” pending approval of the Proposal.


Modifications to Financial AGR for Funds already included in a routed proposal

Campus cannot create AGR Mods to financial AGR; this is a DSP only function

Modifications to Financial AGR for Funds not previously included in a routed proposal

1.       If AGR arrives in DSP via UFIRST Agreements with wrong type and DSP determines it to be a modification to an award requiring a proposal, the DSP Doc Negotiator will terminate the Agreement.

2.       DSP starts Proposal shell, attaches all documents and sends to Responsible Unit via UFIRST for completion, approvals and return routing.  Once proposal is approved DSP will create the Modification.

Modifications to any nonfinancial AGR can be initiated by campus as AGR mod 

Nonfinancial Agreements are any agreements relating to the conduct of research or sponsored programs that do not result in UF receiving funds.  Examples include: Data Use Agreements, Equipment Agreements, Memos of Understanding, Teaming Agreements, etc.

NOTE: As stated above, regardless of what the document is labeled, if there is money coming to UF it is a Financial AGR. 

Open Labs:

DSP will be sponsoring open labs to help walk through any challenges or if you simply want assistance with the first of your agreements.  They are all at the HUB building:

Monday, November 20th   9am – 11am

Wednesday, November 29th   9am – 11am

Wednesday, December 6th   9am – 11am

Wednesday, December 13th   9am – 11am

Wednesday, December 20th   9am – 11am




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