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TA Development Workshops — Spring 2018

University of Florida Graduate School                                                                                     Teaching Center


The following workshops are free; however, for planning purposes, we request that you pre-register. 

Certificates of participation will be presented to TAs who complete at least 10 of the “Teaching with Technology Workshops” (T). 

Please register for these workshops at


I.             “Technology for Teaching in UF Classrooms” –T                                                  9:30-11:15 AM Friday, January 5

                What new (and old) technology you’ll find in today’s                                                                                      L011

                university classrooms, and how it can improve your teaching


II.            “How to be a Great Online/Hybrid TA” –T                                                                             11:30-12 noon, Friday, January 5

                Learn about teaching online while completing online modules                                                                                    HUB 221

                using Canvas: Register for online course at 

    (Time on right is optional and for helping you get started only.)


III.           “e-Learning @UF – Build and Design” –T                                                                               5-8 PM, Tuesday, January 9

                Learn the mechanics of Canvas.  How to navigate; create pages,                                                                HUB 221

                modules, and assignments; upload and manage a syllabus


IV.          “e-Learning @UF – Facilitate & Engage” –T                                                                           5-7 PM, Tuesday, January 16

                Learn the mechanics of Canvas.  How to edit existing content,                                                                                    HUB 221

                manage the gradebook, use speed grader, track student activity


V.            “UF Apps” –T                                                                                                                        5-7 PM, Tuesday, January 23

                Explore options for accessing UFApps, learn tips for peak performance,                                                                HUB 221

                discuss best practices when creating instructions for students


VI.          “Best Practices for Group Work in e-Learning” –T                                                             5-7 PM, Tuesday, January 30

                Design a great group assignment with individual                                                                                           HUB 221

                accountability and manageable feedback mechanisms


VII.         Rubrics & Peer Review in Canvas” –T                                                                                      5-7 PM, Tuesday, February 6

                Design rubrics for assessment and explore their use for                                                                                                HUB 221

                peer review


VIII.        “Cyber Security and Student Data”  --T                                                                                  5-7 PM, Tuesday, February 13

                Learn how to safely handle student data and defend your digital                                                              HUB 221

                identity following UF best practices


IX.           “Synchronous Discussions & Virtual Office Hrs: Big Blue Button” --T                                          5-7 PM, Tuesday, February 20

                Learn how to manage web conferences, group discussions,                                                                        HUB 221               

    and virtual office hours in UF’s e-Learning system


X.            “Voice Thread” –T                                                                                                                5-7 PM, Tuesday, February 27

                Learn to create lectures and discussions that are interactive                                                                        HUB 221

                and asynchronous


XI.           “Using Streaming Media & Videoconferencing w/your Course” –T                                           5-7 PM, Tuesday, March 13

                Using streaming media, lecture capture, and videoconferencing                                                               HUB 221

                to improve student learning. Also, bring your own laptop to learn

    to record from your desktop, edit files, and load to MyMediasite Portal


XII.         “The Flipped/Hybrid Classroom” –T                                                                                         5-7 PM, Tuesday, March 20

                Use classroom time for problem solving & concept enrichment                                                 LIT 215


*Thanks to UFIT, CITT and FDTE for their presentation of these workshops






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