Hello Peers,

My office puts on a workshop series for students during the month of January (during our January Term). The series is catered to the LASSI and skill building workshops. We call it "U-Turn". Anyhow, I am trying to get any ideas of activities or material to use that is less lecturey and more engaging. Our workshops are broken down in the following format.

Workshop 1: Attitudes & Motivation
Workshop 2: Time Management & Concentration
Workshop 3: Information Processing
Workshop 4: Selecting Main Ideas, Self Testing, & Testing Strategies
Workshop 5: Anxiety & Stress

If you have any ideas and willing to share, I'd love to hear!


Katy Williams '10
Assistant Director of Academic Skills Center

Austin College | Student Affairs and Athletics
900 North Grand Avenue, Suite 61595 | Sherman, Texas 75090
Phone 903.813.2738 | Fax 903.813.2038
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