Dear Learning Center Leaders:

FIRST— A BIG Thank You to all 168 centers that have submitted a survey so far!

We greatly appreciate all who have submitted, and all who will!  If you are a current learning center leader (regardless of whether your center has an advisory board), please take the small amount of time required to complete the survey on behalf of your center (only one response per center please).  You will be directly increasing the knowledge available to our field on this important subject and impacting the success of learning centers everywhere. 

Please see the original note below for more information and the link to the survey.


Dr. Alan Craig, Georgia State University, Perimeter College
Dr. Jacqueline Harris, Emerita, Ball State University
Dr. Elaine Richardson, Professor and Director Emerita, Clemson University


Dear Learning Center Cohorts,

Thank you in advance for your support for this learning center advisory board project.  You are receiving this survey because you are involved with a college or university learning center. In an effort to enhance our profession’s knowledge base about best practices for learning assistance programs, we have created a survey to collect data on usage and benefits of advisory boards for learning centers.  In addition, we want to identify reasons that many collegiate learning centers do not have an advisory board.

Your responses are important whether you have an active advisory board or not.  The survey is “branched” to minimize time needed to complete the survey.  If your learning center does not have an advisory board or your board is inactive, then we estimate the survey will take about five minutes.  If your learning center has an active advisory board, we estimate that the survey can be completed in 10-15 minutes.

Data is anonymous (unless you choose to provide your contact information) and will be reported collectively.  Shared or published results will not identify specific institutions or learning centers.  Because of this, we ask that one person be designated as the representative from your center to complete the survey so that we receive just one response per collegiate learning center.  Please complete the survey as soon as possible.  Results of the survey will be reported through the National College Learning Center Association and are intended for publication in a professional journal in the field of learning assistance.  The results and recommendations will in turn help centers that don't have an advisory board and want guidance to establish one.

Please go to this link to complete the survey:

Thank you for contributing to research intended to help learning centers function with highest impact.  We greatly appreciate your time and effort in participating in this survey.

Thank you!

Dr. Alan Craig, Georgia State University, Perimeter College

Dr. Jacqueline Harris, Emerita, Ball State University

Dr. Elaine Richardson, Professor and Director Emerita, Clemson University

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