I saw an inquiry about Universal Instructional Design (UID) on LRNASST in
the past couple of days. I worked with colleagues here at the University of
Minnesota and other institutions nationally to develop practical materials
for implementing UID (sometimes also known as Universal Design for Learning
(UDL) in the classroom and also within student affairs services and
program. It was supported by a federally-funded grant. These materials
paired with a quality developmental-level course program can increase
access and success of students.

Following are the web links to the free materials:
1. J. I. Higbee & E. Goff (Eds.), Pedagogy and student services for
institutional transformation: Implementing Universal Design in higher
education. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, College of Education and
Human Development. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED503835). 

2. Implementing UID in student service programs and services 

3. Implementing UID by faculty members and staff 

4. Video interviews of faculty and student perspectives on inclusive

5. Uncertain Welcome: Video interviews of student voices on disability and
postsecondary education 

5.This is an older version of the PASS-IT book above.
Curriculum Transformation and Disability (CTAD): Implementing Universal
Design in Higher Education. 

Take care,


David Arendale, Associate Professor

Univ of MN, College of Education & Human Development, Curriculum &
Instruction, Peik Hall 275D, 159 Pillsbury Drive, SE, Minneapolis, MN
55455; (office) 612-625-2928; [log in to unmask] 
Manager,  National Best Practices Center
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Every day is Christmas when we make good choices. Those choices unwrap
unexpected presents of joy that await us if we do our part and trust God
for the rest.

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