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ACM OSNeD 2018
First International workshop on
Online Social Networks and Media: Network Properties and Dynamics

co-located with
The Web Conference (WWW) 2018

24 April 2018, Lyon, France 



Online Social Networks and Media (OSNEM) are one of the most disruptive
communication platforms of the last 15 years with high socio-economic value.
Within this framework, the network properties of OSNEM can be used to
capture multiple phenomena related to OSNEM, at different logical 
layers, from a
technical perspective (e.g., OSNEM data management and information 
as well as a societal perspective (e.g., the OSNEM users’ social 
Moreover, the analysis of network dynamics represents one of the biggest
challenges that emerged in recent years within the network science 

Therefore, OSNeD will focus on the analysis of OSNEM from the standpoint 
of its
network properties and dynamics at all scales, from macro- to meso- (e.g.,
community) to micro (e.g., ego network) scales. It will be particularly
interesting to highlight the impact of network properties and dynamics on
emerging phenomenon, such as diffusion of information, the acquisition 
of the
role of influencer, trust among users, polarization of opinions, 
diffusion of
fake news, etc.
The OSNeD workshop aims at engaging a multidisciplinary community.
The workshop also welcomes submissions applying a wide range of 
(computer- and
network-science) techniques and tools to OSNEM for investigating the 
and roles of the network of (online) social relationships in the various 
of the society (e.g., politics, economics, finance, health, entertainment).

Within the general focus of the workshop on OSNEM network properties and
dynamics, topics include:
- OSNEM platforms, protocols and applications;
- Decentralized, mobile and location-based OSNEM;
- Dynamic Analysis of OSNEM
- Trust, reputation, privacy and security in OSNEM;
- Recommendations and advertising in OSNEM;
- Measurement, analysis and modeling of popular OSNEM platforms (Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.);
- BigData analysis of OSNEM seen as large- meso- or micro-scale complex
networked systems;
- Information extraction and search in OSNEM;
- Complex-network analysis of OSNEM;
- Measurement, analysis and modeling of social networked users' behavior 
OSNEM data;
- Analysis of the use of OSNEM in the urban context;
- Network challenges of crowdsourcing is OSNEM;
- Network challenges in multidisciplinary applications of OSNEM (economics,
medicine, society, politics, homeland security, etc.)
- OSNEM event detection;
- Evolutionary community / cluster discovery;
- Dynamic network generative models;
- Dynamic network embedding;
- Dynamics of trends, information and opinion diffusion in OSNEM


Papers must be submitted in PDF according to the new ACM format 
published in ACM
guidelines ( ), 
selecting the
generic “sigconf” sample.

We accept two types of submissions, i.e., full papers and "disruptive" 
Full papers can be up to six (6) pages, plus 2  additional pages if needed.

"Disruptive" papers will be of maximum 2 pages. They would primarily 
propose a
disruptive idea in the framework  of the workshop topics. A disruptive idea
should be really novel. So, for  instance, working on improving the 
quality on
an already existing approach is  not disruptive (usually), while proposing a
totally new problem addressing a  particularly new challenge, is disruptive.
Disruptive papers will be evaluated  by the PC, according to a standard 

Both regular and disruptive (accepted) papers will be included in the 
proceedings, which will be published as companion proceedings of The Web

Submissions  must be in English. Papers should neither have
been published  elsewhere nor being currently under review by another 
or journal. Submissions that do not follow these guidelines may be rejected
without review. Please follow the submission link at: 
conferences/submission_new.cgi?a=16699902 and Select the full name of the
workshop in the submission list.

Please also refer to the submission guidelines are the same as for the main
conference and are available here 

At least one author of an accepted paper must register, attend the 
workshop and
present the paper.


We will consider to assign a best paper award, and to organize a special 
on the Elsevier Online Social Networks and Media Journal 
( ., soliciting submissions
of extended versions of particularly promising papers.


Abstract Registration:        21 January 2018 (23:59 Hawaii Time)
Submission Deadline:    28 January 2018 (23:59 Hawaii Time)
Authors Notification:   20 February 2018
Camera Ready Due:       04 March 2018
Workshop:               24 April 2018


Program Committee Chairs
- Andrea Passarella, IIT-CNR, Italy
- Fabrizio Silvestri, Facebook, UK
- Giulio Rossetti, ISTI-CNR, Italy
- Rémy Cazabet, University of Lyon, France

Technical Program Committee

For more information, please write to the workshop co-chairs at
osned2018 <at> iit <dot> cnr <dot> it

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