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We invite applications to a session on ego-centric network analysis at Sunbelt 2018 

Egocentered networks: New questions, research, and applications

Recent years have seen a resurgence of research on egocentered networks.  Conferences in Europe and the U.S. have focused specifically on the topic; software packages such as EgoNet, Vennmaker, egonetR, and others have been developed, and Netcanvas is advancing at a good pace; nationally representative surveys collecting ego network data have proliferated in the U.S., Europe, and Asia; journals have issued calls for papers; and new papers and books from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives have examined the foundations of interpersonal relationships from egocentric perspectives.  What have we learned from such works?  What applications have such perspectives made possible?  What new questions have emerged?  We seek innovative papers that understand social networks from the perspective of the individual.  We are particularly interested in papers that examine decision-making processes, cognition, contexts, reciprocal relations, support, mobilization, migration, or that develop methodological or conceptual innovations.

Organizers: Miranda Lubbers, Jose Luis Molina, Beate Volker, and Mario L. Small.

Grafstein Family Professor of Sociology
Harvard University
33 Kirkland St
Cambridge, MA 02138 

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