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Dear colleagues,

Please consider supporting the proposal to create a Q&A StackExchange site
for the emerging computational disciplines: Digital Humanities and
Computational Social Sciences.

At this moment, I am not convinced at all if the proposal takes off. (But I
would be happy to be surprised!) However, I would at least like to see it
as an opportunity to organize a corpus of sample questions that would
collectively define the two fields of study.

Please share with your colleagues who may be interested in supporting the
proposal. For the best results, please register (if you have not registered
yet), post example questions, and up- and down-vote the sample questions
previously posted by other supporters! 

Dmitry Zinoviev, Professor of Computer Science, Suffolk University, Boston,
MA 02114
Author of "Data Science Essentials in Python" and "Complex Network Analysis
in Python" 
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