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Subject: [bms-rc33] Call - Doctoral Student & Post-Doctoral Research Positions
     (Inst of Sociology, Univ of Zurich)

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Thanks to Thomas Gautschi & [DGSModSim]

Deadline: 15 January 2018

The Institute of Sociology at the University of Zurich aims to fill several 
research positions.

1 Doctoral Student (60%)
2 Post-Doctoral Researchers (75-100%)

We are looking for 1 Doctoral Student (60%) and 2 Post-Doctoral researchers 
(75-100%) interested in joining the newly founded Professorship of Social 
Theory and Quantitative Methods of Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut.

The group is interested in theory-guided quantitative research on social norms, 
cooperation, experimental game theory, analytical sociology, network analysis, 
stochastic actor network models, sociology of science, survey methodology and 
statistical modeling. The positions are funded by the  SNSF Starting Grant 
Social norms, cooperation and conflict in scientific collaborations (CONCISE), 
the SNSF project Coevolution of  prosociality and networks: A longitudinal, 
cross-country network survey in Swiss schools and by the University of Zurich. 
Applicants should  hold a MA / PhD (or should be close to completion) in 
Sociology or a related field (such as Behavioral or Experimental Economics, 
Social  Psychology, Political Science, Statistics or Computational Social 

We are particularly interested in attracting candidates in the following 2 
research areas:
1) Experimental and behavioral research on cooperation and social norms
2) Co-evolution of social networks and prosociality.
Details of these research areas and the research profile of the professorship 
is found at Other research topics, especially in the 
areas of experimental game theory and analytical sociology, are also welcome, 
but should have a strong connection to the general profile of the 

We offer a stimulating, dynamic and research-oriented environment. We are 
looking for creative, prosocial and proactive candidates. Support in teaching 
and research activities of the chair is expected. Post-docs are expected to 
support the chair in supervision of PhD and MA students and in administrative 
tasks. After a trial period, post-doc positions are initially limited to 3 
years and PhD positions to 4 years (with an  extension to max. 6 years, subject 
to funding).

Please send your application including a statement of interest, CV, 
transcripts, 2 samples of written work and 2 letters of recommendation or 
alternatively contact details of two referees in one pdf file until January 
15th, 2018 to Heiko Rauhut via [log in to unmask]

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