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Dear Socnetters,

Abstract submission to the 4th edition of the ​conference “Networks in the Global World”, taking place in St. Petersburg on July 4-6 2018 is now open.

Deadline: January 15th 2018.

“Networks in the Global World”,​ currently​ the largest regular conference on network analysis in Eastern Europe, ​is organized by Centre for German and European Studies of St. Petersburg State University and Bielefeld University​ and is​ endorsed by the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA).

The goal of the NetGloW biannual conference series is to bring together networks researchers from around the globe, to unite the efforts of various scientific disciplines in response to the key challenges faced by network studies today, and to exchange diverse research results – thus enabling analysis of global social processes as well as theoretical and methodological advancements. The conference is open to discussions on various types of networks studied by social scientists - social, cultural, semantic, material, organizational, economical, political and other.

In 2018, the main conference topic is devoted to the principles and patterns that bring to life network ensembles observed by different disciplines in various spheres of social life.

Confirmed keynote and invited speakers:

●      Tom Snijders, University of Groningen
●      Peter Bearman, Columbia University
●      John Levi-Martin, University of Chicago
●      Sophie Mützel, University of Lucerne
●      Johan Koskinen, University of Manchester
●      IIna Hellsten, University of Amsterdam
●      Camille Roth, Sciences Po, Paris
●      Peng Wang, Swinburne University of Technology
●      Nina Kolleck, Free University of Berlin
●      Christof Parnreiter, University of Hamburg

The conference invites papers to a set of regular and organized sessions including, but not limited to the following network-analytical foci (for more information visit: ngw.spbu.ru/programme):

●      Statistical network modeling
●      Cultural and social duality
●      Socio-semantic networks
●      Qualitative network analysis
●      Socio-material networks
●      Social media networks
●      Urban networks
●      Networks in arts
●      Networks in science, technology, and innovation
●      Social movements and collective action networks
●      Political and policy-making networks

Abstracts of up to 300 words should be submitted online before January 15th 2018 here: ngw.spbu.ru/submission.

The conference will also feature a selection of workshops and round tables. 

Fee: standard: 50 EUR, MA and PhD students: 20 EUR. Participation in a workshop does not involve an additional fee.

The organizers will cover accommodation of MA and PhD students who submitted the best abstracts.

Further information: ngw.spbu.runetg[log in to unmask].

Looking forward to your submissions!

​O/b/o the organizers,
Nikita Basov
NetGloW PC Chair
Senior researcher, Faculty of sociology, St. Petersburg State University 
Scientific manager, Centre for German and European Studies (Bielefeld University - St. Petersburg State University)
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